Friday, April 29, 2011

A few Bears

These teddy bears are living with me or my children for an assortment of reasons.
Some sit on my shelf awaiting finishing touches or just because I wasn't totally satisfied with the final look. A few are just waiting for me to find a home for them.
 This pair now reside in my daughter's room. She took one look at them and begged me for them, what could I do.
I listed this pair on e-bay a while back, but they failed to find a home, so now they are living in my display cabinet.
I never listed this little girl and her cat. They are Halloween themed, so I guess they will have to wait for the proper season.
 This little Christmas bear never found a home because I was not totally satisfied with her face.
This pair were so much fun for me to make, but alas they did not find homes when I listed them on etsy. I found the inspiration for them in a magazine. Teddy, cat and pumpkin are all needle felted.
Edgar Allen Poe sort of crept into my thoughts one day and I made this pair. They live with my daughter on a shelf in my grandson's room.
These cuties live with my niece in New York.
 My daughter talked me out of this little pumpkin bear.
 Once again, one of my daughters claimed this little bear.
 And finally, this little guy is my mascot. I made the hand puppet for a story time my daughter did at a book store, so now my little teddy wears it.

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  1. Man you are such an amazing artist....Thanks so much for sharing with me and others.