Monday, October 27, 2014

All My Teddies

Originally I thought to post all my original designs of handmade teddy bears and critters in order of their creation, but found it to be bit of a daunting undertaking, so now I am just going to post them as I find them on my saved dvd discs. I will give the information I wrote about them in a scrapbook I compiled as I made and sold them, mostly on e-bay.  Here is my second installment. 

This little girl is Anne Hester. She was born in 2002, and was made from a recycled wool coat, the little doll was made from muslin. She has glass eyes and is fully jointed, with a hand stitched mouth, nose and eyebrows. Her paw pads were made from the same coat, but tea dyed. She is wearing a vintage baby dress.  Her dolly has hand a hand drawn face and features. She sold on e-bay in June 2003 to someone in Illinois.

This little fellow is Byran Longfellow. He was born in November 2002, and is made from green upholstery velvet with reversed upholstery fabric paw pads. He is 10 inches tall, fully jointed with antique shoe button eyes. His nose mouth and eyebrows are hand stitched from perle cotton. He is wearing a cotton poet shirt with a rust ribbon tie, and a black chenille crocheted hat, all hand made by me. He has his own book of poetry. He sold on e-bay in December of  2002 to someone in Wyoming. 

This little guy is Bailey.  He was born in 2000, and is made from curly, stressed, honey brown mohair. He has glass eyes and leather paw pads and is fully jointed. He is 18 inches tall, his nose is hand stitched from black perle cotton. He wears a vintage green ribbon bow.

This is what I wrote in my scrapbook:
I made this little guy during the summer Janna, Miakoda and I had an apartment in Mt. Holly. I didn't really like the way he looked, his arm joints were too large. I sculpted his face and replaced his arm discs and he turned out to be quite a handsome bear.  He was sold on e-bay to someone in New Jersey. 

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