Thursday, October 2, 2014

Robinson Cervantes

I made this little guy in November 2001. He is 13 inches, fully jointed, with glass eyes. He is made from recycled denim and stuffed with polyfiber and pellets. I hand stitched his nose from black perle cotton and his paw pads were reversed denim. His vest was made from the pockets of denim overalls. His sweater was hand knitted from wool and alpaca. His pants were made from cotton muslin. His scarf was hand knitted from alpaca. 

My comment on him was as follows:
This was one of my favorite teddy bears. I loved the denim I used to make him, it was a pair of my worn out overall shorts. The color was a soft warm blue. I made his vest from the back pocket of the overalls. I knitted his sweater freehand from wool with cream alpaca stripes. I also knitted his scar freehand from creme alpaca. 

Teddy took 8 hours to make, vest 2 hours, pats 1/2 hour, sweater 4 hours, total of 14 1/2 hours. He sold on e-bay in November 2001 to someone who lived in Illinois.

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